Panels For Shower Walls

panels for shower walls

When you buy a shower cubicle you are faced with a choice: what will I use to cover the walls, tiles or panels for shower walls.

There are very well known downsides to tiles. Preparation for installation needs to be thorough. Grout will cause problems unless very carefully applied. Cleaning becomes a big issue if mould takes root.

Panelling your shower walls will eradicate the problems. And provide you with a beautiful, no-maintenance surface.

shower wall panel special offers

shower wall panel samples

As well as our standard panelling which comes in 250mm wide strips we now can offer extra wide, heavy duty panels that are ideal for shower walls. Being one metre wide they can cover a shower wall without the need for any joins but if your cubicle is larger than a metre they have a tongue and grooved edge so can be joined together to provide a larger surface if required.

The photos above show both types: the large black sparkle wall panels on the left are from our Neptune range; the photo on the right shows our Vicenza Beige cladding which is made from the smaller sized panels. Both are suitable for use in showers but many customers prefer the larger panels for shower walls as they prefer to have a one-piece covering on each side within the cubicle. The large sheet size with no joins also appeals to those looking to use the panels on kitchen walls – our panels are suitable for a wide range of applications, not just showers.

We have an extensive range of shower wall panels with something to suit all tastes and budgets so give us a ring and we will do our level best to help