Shower Cubicles

A shower cubicle is an attractive addition to any home. But they can sometimes leak and cause problems, and most of these are usually due to issues with the tiles or the joint between the tiles and the shower tray.


shower cubicle

Shower Cubicle Wall Panels

Customers are sick and tired of the tiles causing problems in their showers and are now looking for a modern alternative to tiles. Our panels offer just that alternative.

The common problems with tiles include:

  •  grout won’t stay clean
  •  grout has turned mouldy
  •  silicone seals have turned mouldy
  •  tiles are starting to fall off
  •  tiles are cracking or crazed
  •  and most worrying – visible water damage outside the cubicle

A very large proportion of our sales are to customers who are looking to sort out problems with their shower cubicles and nearly all of these problems are caused by issues with their tiles. Our shower wall panels are the perfect solution – find out more

Leak-Free Shower Cubicles

If you are ripping out your existing shower and starting from scratch then one of our leak-free cubicles are the perfect solution. Their design completely eliminates the joint between the wall and the shower tray – usually the weakest point on a traditional cubicle.

A range of designs and sizes are available to ensure there is a model that suits your requirements.