Bath Shower Screen

If you have installed an over-bath shower then you will have had to make a choice as to what you are going to use to keep the shower water from splashing out onto the bathroom floor. One of the most common solutions is to fit a bath shower screen, and they come in several different types:

  • curved shower screen
  • bifold shower screen
  • 4 fold shower screen
  • 5 fold shower screen

A large number of modern bath shower screens are of the “frameless” design. This means there is no hard edge around the glass surface. This help in making the room feel less enclosed as these screens have a habit of making the room feel like it has been cut in half when a frame surrounds the glass.

Other options include shower curtains. Bbut these do not look as neat and require the curtain to be washed regularly to avoid mould growth.

bath shower screen - Bath Shower Screen

Curved Shower Screen

The curved shower screen is the most popular type. It consists of a flat plane of safety glass with an arched top, which is attached to a wall post via a hinge. The screen can pivot around but cannot be folded flat against the wall as it is slightly too long and its path is usually obstructed by the bath taps.

One of the main drawbacks with this type of bath shower screen is that it does not protect a long enough section of the bath from shower spray (see photo above).

The curved shower screen is basically a permanent feature in the bathroom and can make a small bathroom feel a little claustrophobic. A cheap shower screen will tend to utilise this design. There is another type of curved shower screen which is made from curved rather than flat glass. This is designed to be used with a shower-bath and is not suitable for standard, straight baths.

4 Fold Shower Screen

The 4 fold shower screen is another popular method of overbath shower protection. This type of screen folds in a concertina fashion. Unlike the curved shower screen it is not permanently extended along the bath. However, folding this type of screen back on itself has two problems.

Firstly the folded screen is still quite obtrusive. And secondly this type of screen can be difficult to move if it is fitted too tightly to the bath (but if it is fitted too loosely it does not seal properly to the bath). The panels themselves are made from a framed glass or acrylic, with a rubber seal at the bottom of each section.

As the above diagrams shows the 4 fold bath screen does offer a little more protection along the length of the bath than the curved shower screen, but it is still shorter than a shower curtain.

5 Fold Shower Screen

The 5 fold shower screen offers a little bit more by way of protection, as there is an extra panel included – the downside being that it makes the folded screen even more bulky.

Bi-fold Shower Screen

This type of folding shower screen basically does the same job as those above but cannot fold flat against the wall unless the taps are side mounted. A bi-fold shower screen is usually left folded in half so that the screen is not fully extended when not in use.

This type of folding shower screen has the usual disadvantages over a shower curtain in that it does not usually cover as much of the bath length.

There are also some other types of shower screen:

  • telescopic shower screen – pulls out along the bath (these tend to be quite expensive)
  • enclosed shower screen – fits wall to wall and turns your bath into a shower enclosure
  • corner bath shower screen – some 5 fold shower screens can be used (but not all)