Black Bathroom Wall Panels

black bathroom wall panels


It is only in recent years that black bathroom wall panels have become popular. There has been a move to add more visual interest to bathroom designs. And the provision of a dark and brooding colour scheme will certainly achieve this.

The major issue with black or very dark colours is that they can make the room feel a little enclosed. This is not too much of a problem in a large bathroom but it could make a small bathroom feel claustrophobic.

So what are the options when it comes to incorporating black into your bathroom design?


Utilise A Feature Wall

This is a great way of adding a stronger colour to the design but without overpowering the whole room.

Basically, you limit the strong colour to one wall only and then cover the rest of the room with a much lighter contrasting colour. With black bathroom wall panels, you would usually use white or light grey panels as the contrast.

You will ensure the room is not overpowered by the dark tones by employing this technique. This is something that can happen when all of the walls are finished in black.

Most UK bathrooms are very small so it is particularly important to keep the room feeling as light and airy as possible. We have some extra help and advice on making the most of small bathrooms on our blog.


What Black Panels Are Available?

There are a number of different designs that have made their way onto the shelves over the last number of years. The exact designs will vary from make to make but there are a number of popular patterns that most manufacturers seem to include. The more common designs include

  • black marble
  • black stone
  • black sparkle
  • black slate


Black Marble


Black marble panels emulate the look of naturally occurring stone. Marquina marble is one such example.

The presence of bitumen during the formation of the stone gives it the black colouring. The veins are white in colour which makes for a very attractive appearance.

This is the type of marble that manufacturers use as the template for the design of the panel. Real marble is usually polished to a high gloss finish, so most panel versions of this effect are also finished with a glossy surface.

The size of the bathroom panels can vary depending on the construction. The narrowest panels would usually be 250mm wide while the largest would be 1200mm wide.


Black Sparkle

Vicenza Blacl Sparkle Bathroom Cladding


This is a relatively new design on the market.

The panel has a black background over which flakes of real metal are added. A lacquer is applied to the panel trapping the flakes under surface. As you move around the room the flakes glint as they catch the light making the panels look as if they are sparkling.

These panels are the very definition of eye-catching. They can be applied to all the walls of a room but, again, this can be a bit overpowering. So utilising them as a feature wall is probably a better option.


Slate Effect Panels

Orion Slate Panels


Slate is a very dark naturally occurring stone. It is not quite black in colour but is close enough to be included here for the purposes of this discussion because it is extremely dark.

Real slate has been used for years in the building industry usually as a roofing material. It then started being used for wall tiles which provided a waterproof and very attractive.

The good looks of slate persuaded many manufacturers of panels to offer a slate design within their range.



So these are the main options when it comes to black bathroom wall panels. There are others out there but they are far from common with the designs listed making up the vast majority of black panels sold.