Marble Effect Bathroom Wall Panels

marble effect shower wall panels

Marble effect bathroom wall panels are still a firm favourite with customers. And there are some very solid reasons behind this.

Natural marble is a unique mineral that has been used for decoration for millennia. Marble is a form of metamorphic rock that transforms under heat and pressure to produce a mass of interlocking calcite crystals. White, veined marble is what most people think of when the word is mentioned but the presence of other minerals during its formation results in many different colours and hues which is why it is such a unique mineral.

Manufacturers of tile have copied its natural good looks for years and now panel manufacturers are doing the same.

Costumers’ Favourite

Marble is still the most popular finish in most manufacturers’ ranges when it comes to bathroom wall panel designs.

The fact that most bathroom tiles have a marble effect on them will have something to do with this. Marble just looks “right” in a bathroom setting. And there was no way that panel manufacturers were ever going to buck this trend.

IPSL has a great range of panels including many marble and marble tile effects as can be seen in the following three examples:

montage marble panels


Panel Colours

There are several colours available to tie in with any bathroom design that you have in mind. Grey marble effect, beige, blue, rose/pink, and green have all been made over the years.

But it is the panels that are closest to white in colour that have historically been the biggest sellers.

White & Light Grey Marble

This was the standard bearer when it came to introducing panels onto the market in the UK. For years it would be virtually the only design ever used as it was the most popular with customers and sold in large quantities.

But the market has matured so now there are many more design options. Digital printing has meant that more complicated patterns are available with a lot of tile effects coming to the fore.

And what is the most popular colour for these tile effect panels? Grey marble!

Beige Marble Panels

One of the problems with white and grey as a colour palette is that it can make a design feel a little cold and clinical.

Sure, it will look bright and clean, but it can also look a bit clinical if some colour is not added to the rooms. This can be done via rugs, blinds, towels or flooring. But you could set out from the outset to create a warmer feel.

Beige marble panels are ideal if this is the rout you want to go down.