Marble Effect Bathroom Wall Panels

Marble effect bathroom wall panels are still a firm favourite with our customers. This is because it is such a unique mineral that has been used for decoration for millennia. Marble is a form of metamorphic rock that transforms under heat and pressure to produce a mass of interlocking calcite crystals  . White, veined marble is what most people think of when the word is mentioned but the presence of other minerals during its formation results in many different colours and hues which is why it is such a unique mineral.

Manufacturers of tile have copied its natural good looks for years and now panel manufacturers are doing the same.

Costumers’ Favourite

Marble effect bathroom wall panels are still the most popular finish in our range. We have a wide variety of different marble effect panels available. There are several colours available to tie-in with any bathroom design that you have in mind. Grey marble effect, beige, blue, rose/pink, green are all available in several different shades.

There are also three different joint types available. Flush joint, v-groove and contrast joint. See our technical section for more info. These all help to enable you to achieve the look you require.

Although the joint is visible on flush fit panels it is quite discreet – the nearest analogy would be wallpaper where the joint is visible but it is not the first thing that jumps out at you. V-groove panels are chamfered where they meet which results in a “tongue and grooved” look. The v-groove makes a feature of the joint and is ideal for use on larger walls if you want to break up a flat wall. Contrast joints also make a feature of the joint but there is only one marble effect in this range – Pink Marble. All of these different joint types occur at the front of the panels, they still have a tongue and groove behind the surface so can be used in showers and cubicles.

Of the bathroom wall panel designs within our inventory the Vicenza offers the most subtle marble effect; Spaceline slightly more definite pattern and Orion the strongest colours.