Flooring – Technical

Clever Click luxury vinyl flooring :

  • Moisture-resistant – perfect for slippery areas such as kitchens or bathrooms
  • Scratch and scuff resistant – due to a unique Protectonite PU wear-layer Slip resistant – R10 rated
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Excellent sound and heat insulation properties
  • Easy to install – thanks to CLICK technology; no adhesive, no fuss
  • Environmentally friendly – made with 50% recycled materials with major eco-credentials
  • Designed to reflect unique textures and patterns found in natural wood and stone flooring

Those are the main technical details of the flooring . Let us go into each of them in a little more detail.


bathroom flooring range


bathroom flooring samples

Water Resistant

The flooring is moisture resistant. That means it will be totally unaffected by spills and splashes. It is not designed to provide a completely waterproof surface. It is therefore not suitable for use as a wetroom floor. In this situation you need to install a continuous membrane. Tiles can be used in situations where there is a masonry floor. There are systems that allow tiles to installed on wooden floorboards/joists but we are not big fans of this approach.

Scratch Resistance

As with all materials if you want to scratch it you can. But in general use it is highly resistant to scuffing and in a bathroom setting will last for years and years. The technical details given compares well with alternative products. Bathroom are the least likely room in the house to cause scratching and scuffing issues. You do not tend to use outdoor shoes in the room and furniture is not moved around.

Easy To Clean, Easy To Live With

We love selling products that make life easier for our customers. And this product falls squarely into that category. Unlike tiles there is not grout so there is nothing to scrub or turn mouldy. The floor is also warmer to the touch underfoot than would be the case with ceramic tiles.


The planks are made from 50% recycled materials to start with and are 100% recyclable after you have finished with them. They can also be re-used completely as they are not stuck in place like tiles. You simply un-click the joint and use the flooring elsewhere.