Bathroom Shower Curtain

Not everyone has room for a shower enclosure and a bath. So, in this situation, a shower over the bath is the only option. And if you have gone down this route then you will need a bathroom shower curtain.

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What Are The Options In A Small Bathroom?

The majority of UK bathrooms are relatively small compared with other rooms in the home.

Often they are just big enough to fit a standard bath into. So you will often see a room that is 1700mm wide by however long the builders can get away with. If the second measurement is under 2 metres then there will not be a great deal of space in the bathroom. This will limit the options for bathroom design.

It is sometimes possible to squeeze a small shower enclosure into such a room but there are problems with this. You might need to reduce the size of the bath or fit a corner bath. These will have less lying down room than a standard bath.

The cubicle itself will need to be small which can be problematic. This is especially true for larger users who will find a small shower enclosure quite claustrophobic.

Most householders will just choose the easiest solution. And that is to have a shower over the bath.

Shower Over The Bath

Having a shower over the bath is actually a pretty good option.

Although baths tend only to be 700 wide they are 1700mm long so the overall showering area is actually quite large.

The resulting shower can be perfectly useable. You can fit a power shower for a more vigorous performance if required.  But these tend to work better with shower screens rather than a bathroom shower curtain. The reason for this is that the powerful water jets can force the curtain out, over the rim of the bath.

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Do Bathroom Shower Curtains Have Any Advantages?


The big advantage of a curtain is that it covers the whole length of the bath.

Shower screens only cover about half the bath leaving a gap at the open end. This is not usually a problem but a curtain will tend to prevent more water from splashing out.

A curtain can be stowed away quite neatly. A towel ring works really well in holding the curtain back when not in use and making it look neater. Fixed bath shower screens are permanently in place and can make the room feel smaller. They cut into the open area above the bath dividing the room in two. Folding screens eradicate this problem but are a lot more expensive.

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Shower Curtain Rails

You will need some form of rail for your curtain. These can range from a simple pole to a modular track system that can even cover the end of the bath as well as the side.

You can fix the rail quite high up the wall if there are tall people in the family. This will ensure less water splashes out. But check the height of your curtain before fitting it too high. The curtain needs to hand several inches below the rim of the bath.

It is possible to mount some curtain rail systems on the ceiling. This makes the rail very solid and doesn’t rely on flimsy brackets and stays. There are extra long bathroom shower curtains available if you have a very large drop.