Bathroom Wall Panel Designs

Whatever bathroom wall panel designs you have in mind we will have something that will match your needs.

We understand bathroom design and know that requirements can vary immensely from project to project so we try our best to provide the most comprehensive range of bathroom wall panel designs available anywhere.

Our panel designs generally fall into several broad groups – these groups are based across our panelling ranges from different manufacturers.

Marble Effect Panels

spaceline silver grey2 - Bathroom Wall Panel Designs

Marble has been popular for millennia and it is not hard to see why. It looks gorgeous and is the perfect finish for use in bathrooms. It is not hard to see why tiles and panel manufacturers try to emulate its natural good looks in their designs.

Marble effect panels make up the vast majority of our ranges and are still as popular as ever with our customers. There are varying degrees of patterning and colours varying from the striking to the very subtle in a wide choice of colours.

Marble Effect Bathroom Wall Panels

Tile Effect Panels

florentine grey tile effect3 - Bathroom Wall Panel Designs

Tiles are still the most popular choice when it comes to decorating bathroom walls but since the introduction of panel based alternatives the tide is turning. Panels proved a popular alternative but people still wanted the tried and tested look of tiled walls. So the manufactures started to offer panels with a built-in tile pattern. So you have all the advantages of panelling with none of the drawbacks of tiles and grout.

Tile effect panels have proved to be a massive success with our customers who love the fact that they can have the look of tiles but without any of the hassle of trying to maintain grout in a pristine condition. Options are a little limited but the manufacturers seem to have hit the nail on the head with the designs they have chosen.

Tile Effect Bathroom Wall Panels

Mosaic Effect Panels

mosaic beige - Bathroom Wall Panel Designs

Mosaics have been around a very long time. They look amazing but require an almost perfect surface otherwise any imperfection in the wall will show through in the grout lines.  Larger tiles are more forgiving in this regard but mosaics are generally very small and cannot hide underlying issues.

Another of the major drawbacks of real mosaic tiles is the amount of grout needed as part of the overall design – and the more grout you have the more maintenance is required. Our panels have the look of mosaic but no grout – the perfect solution making them one of our most popular bathroom wall panel designs.

Mosaic Effect Bathroom Wall Panels

Wood Effect Panels

ligno beige - Bathroom Wall Panel Designs

In a perfect world wood would be the perfect wall covering. It is naturally occurring, it looks good and is warm to the touch. It is also relatively cheap.

But while real wood looks warm and natural it has major drawbacks when used in a bathroom design. It needs to be protected from the moisture which in turns means a lot of maintenance to ensure it does not deteriorate over trim – no such problems with out wood effect panels as they are impervious to moisture.

Wood Effect Bathroom Wall Panels