Bathroom Cladding Range

This bathroom cladding range shows you just how varied the designs can be.

From delicate light marbles to strong, dark natural stone, these panels are available in a whole host of options. If you prefer the look of tiles then you need have no worries – there are tile-effect panels s well as designs that emulate the look of mosaics.

All of the patterns have been made to fit in with modern bathroom design and will enhance any room they are added to. And as with all modern panelling systems, there is no grout, no mould, no maintenance and no hassle.


Vicenza Grey bathroom walls

sparkle effect wall panels

Filo tle effect bathroom wall panels

Vicenza Beige panels

Orion Slate Wall Panels

Vicenza Pergamon cladding

Carrara mosaic effect panels

Vicenza Blacl Sparkle Bathroom Cladding

Marmo mosaic wall panels

Modern Deco mosaic bathroom wall panels


vicenza black marble

Modern Decor Graphite large tile effect panels

Neptune White Gloss Shower Wall Panels

Vicenza White Ash Wall Panels

vicenza blue marble