Ceiling Panel Trims

If panels are being installed on the ceiling then it is sometimes beneficial to use a trim to finish off around the edges. Ceiling Panel Trims are purely decorative and are not essential to the installation.

The panels are hollow and are made from PVC so they are easy to cut. Providing they are cut accurately they can just be finished off with a sealant around the perimeter (below left).

If you are less confident in your cutting skills you can use a trim around the perimeter which will help conceal any small gaps.

There are many types of trim that can be used in conjunction with ceiling panels but the two most common are:

  • Coving Trim
  • Capping Trim


The exact design of each of these trims will vary depending on the manufacturer. The capping trim is the neater of the two designs.

1 Part or 2 Part Trims

Both these trims are available in either a 1 part or 2 part design.

A 1 part trim is moulded as one piece with a section that clips around the edge of the panel.

The major problem with this model is that they are really designed for use with wall panels. The trim is fitted to the wall and then the panels slot up into the channel. This does not work with ceilings as you have a trim at either end of the panel. It is impossible to slot it into both ends at once.

We would recommend cutting away the rear channel of the trim. You can then fit the ceiling and just stick the trim in place once it is up.

It is feasible to clip the trim to the panel before sticking it in place on the ceiling but this is fiddle and of no real benefit.

2 part ceiling panel trims come with a separate backplate.

This is fitted first before the panels. Next you fit the panels and finally you clip the front section of the trim into the backplate.

A mitre block or mitre saw is needed to cut the corners – we recommend inserting a scrap piece of panelling into the groove while you are mitring to ensure the trim stays square during the cutting process.

We have an article available with more help on installing ceiling panels