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Bathroom flooring gets a lot of demands placed on it. Splashed water, shower spray and bath over-spill can all soak the floor and cause havoc with the surface if it is not specifically designed to cope with high levels of moisture.

Our flooring system, Clever-Click,  is made from a a solid vinyl planks. There is no wood or MDF used in its construction so there is nothing to warp, swell or rot should it come into contact with water. Each tile or plank clicks into the next to provide a water-resistant floating floor that is simplicity itself to install.

all of our flooring is completely impervious to water – perfect for use in bathrooms


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How Does The Flooring Work?

Our flooring is made from individual planks that simply slot together to give a smooth wipe over surface. Plank number one is laid in place and the next panel pushed in at an angle and click into place. The planks also join end on end so the floor can be made to fit even the largest room. The following photos show how it slots together:

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Clever-Click is ideal for use throughout the home or office but the fact that it is unaffected by water means that it is bathrooms and kitchens where it is most popular. These areas will inevitably be affected by water spills at some time.

It can be installed directly onto concrete, timber, stone and many other sub-floors. The surface must be clean, dry, smooth, firm, level and free from any defects. A specialist foam underlay is available where the sub-floor is less than perfect.

Once laid, the floor can be easily cleaned by vacuuming and mopping – see the following PDF for more information – flooring installation and maintenance.

Our floors are available in a range of natural stone effects that will compliment both modern and traditional bathroom designs. But it is not just the bathroom that can benefit from their good looks and practicality – they are suitable for use in any room in the home. They are an extremely popular choice in kitchens. This is another room where flooring that is affected by moisture can prove problematic. But it is no issue for Clever Click.

Install Over Existing Flooring

Sometimes people want a change of colour in their bathroom but don’t want the hassle of ripping everything out. Our wall panelling, ceiling panelling and flooring are ideal for those looking to freshen up their look as they can all be installed over existing surfaces. Clever Click is only 4.5mm thick so in many instances it can be fitted over the existing floor coverings making installation a whole lot easier. Our wall panels can be fitted over existing tiles and our ceiling panels will cover up traditional ceilings with a minimum of fuss, enabling you to perform a complete makeover without removing anything.

Clever Click is made from solid PVC so it has many benefits over other slot-together floors. Firstly it is impervious to water spillages so it is ideal around baths and showers. As it contains no wood it is much less susceptible to expansion and contraction and as a consequence cannot warp so expansion gaps are usually not required on small installations (unlike standard laminate floors). it is warm and quiet under foot – especially if used in conjunction with our the Xtrafloor Underlay. It is also recyclable and is an environmentally friendly product.

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Further Information

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