Wall Panel Applications

Panelling is a very flexible and versatile wall covering. It is waterproof, rot-proof, is unaffected by humidity and requires no maintenance. These properties mean that it is ideal for use in bathrooms and showers but can also prove advantageous in other areas such as kitchens and living areas.

panels shower walls

Bathrooms really benefit from using our panels as the conditions encountered here can ask a lot of any wall covering. Moisture and condensation can cause havoc with grout which means that tiles will require maintenance in the long run.
Showers pose a similar problem but with no grout and a wipe over surface panels should be the obvious choice.

Kitchens and food preparation areas need to have easy to clean surfaces and that it something that our panels offer – the only proviso for use in kitchens is that they cannot be used behind an open hob because as they are made from plastic they cannot be exposed to temperatures above sixty degrees centigrade. We have several wall panel designs that lend themselves to use in kitchens.

Living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and hallways all need a decorative finish for the walls so why not use panels in these areas. wall panels are a hugely popular choice on the continent as they can be installed over a variety of surfaces and will provide an attractive appearance without the need to paint or varnish in the long run.