Bathroom Design – We Can Help

We have years of experience of working in the industry and can help you any aspect of your bathroom design.

Whether you needs help with installation matters or need to chat through some of your ideas to see if they are feasible just get in touch and let us help you.

There is no high pressure selling – just knowledgeable, friendly and professional advice.

And if you decide if you want to work with us, we endeavour to provide the best customer service possible – as you can see on our testimonial page. Proper, old fashioned, honest to goodness service.




bathroom design - Bathroom Design - We Can Help

Initial Planning

The first thing you will need to do is to get a rough idea of your budget and an outline of exactly what you want to achieve.

You might just want to re-decorate and leave all of the major components in place. Or, you could be thinking of completely gutting the bathroom and starting from scratch.

Our speciality is integrating our problem solving products into your overall design.

Bathroom Walls, Ceilings And Floors

You can refurbish one, two or all three of these area as part of your bathroom makeover. And this can take place while your existing bathroom equipment stay in place or being replaced.

There are a number of thing that need to be taken into consideration if you are keeping your bath, basin, toilet or shower in place. And we can advise as appropriate.

If you are completely revamping the room then installation order becomes and issue. And again we will be happy to help schedule this correctly for you.

Bathroom Equipment

We supply problem-solving products to our customers but do not sell run-of-the-mill bathroom equipment. There are plenty of others who already specialise in this area. If you are thinking of installing a shower cubicle, however, we have a range of leak-free designs that are a perfect long term decision.

There are issues that affect the overall design when selecting the equipment for your bathroom and we can advise accordingly. For example shower trays are available with an up-stand around the back edges. These are not a common item but actually solve a huge problem for customers as many trays leak in this area over time.

Fine Tuning Your Design

Once you have all of the basic components sorted as part of your plan then the final fine tuning needs to take place. Colour schemes, accessories, blinds, curtains towels and rugs all contribute to how your design turns out.

Neutral schemes enable you to ad in colour via items that can easily be replaced (rugs, towels etc). Or, you can make a more immediate statement, and dive straight in to a bold colour choice that will anchor he design for many years.

It all depends on whether you feel confident that you can live with your choice for a long time.