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With over 50 designs available, The Bathroom Marquee will have something in our range of cladding to suite you, whatever you are looking for. Practical to live with, simple to install and totally waterproof, bathroom wall cladding is the perfect choice. You can even fit it over your existing tiles. This makes the whole installation process quick, clean and easy.

We have a whole spectrum of colours to choose from as well as several different finishes and joint styles. Here are few of our most popular choices:

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When refurbishing a bathroom you are faced with many decisions. You need to work out whether you are going to just replace the suite. Or are you to completely redecorate the room as well. Your final choice will be influenced by cost, physical limitations and the practicalities of dealing with the upheaval. But even if you just want to swap your bathroom suite for a newer, more modern design you will  have to undertake some re-decoration. No two baths, basin or toilet are exactly the same size. There will be visible damage however careful you are with the installation.

If you have to make good any visible damage the next question is how far do you go. Redecorate the affected parts of the wall or redecorate all of the walls completely. Our cladding is ideal as it can be installed over all of the existing wall surfaces – even damaged ones – without the need for meticulous preparation.

Easy To Install Bathroom Wall Cladding

With our bathroom wall cladding system you will be able to make that choice very easily as they can be installed over most surfaces, such as existing tiles.  So, you can choose to clad around the bath area but leave the rest of the room the same. The choice is yours. It is not only bathrooms where it is used, it can also be used on shower walls and on ceilings.

Whatever you decide, we will provide you with the best quality bathroom wall cladding available and will have something to suit your needs from our extensive range.  We pride ourselves on our customer service and have a wealth of knowledge on the subject which comes from working the product for over 20 years. Cladding is growing and growing in popularity and it is easy to see why.

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