Leak-Free Shower Cubicles

leak free shower cubicle - Leak-Free Shower Cubicles

NEW! from The Bathroom Marquee: leak-free shower cubicles.

Shower cubicles are a perennial problem if not installed perfectly. If they are used in conjunction with tiles then the problems grow as any slight movement in the tray or frame can result in grout cracking and water escaping.

One of the biggest headaches is achieving a long lasting, waterproof seal between the shower tray and the wall. But not with our cubicles. They completely eliminate this issue because there is no joint between the tray and the wall: the tray and the lower wall are moulded as one piece.


no tiles, no grout, no mould , no leaks – making life easier for you

The cubicles are designed to be easy to live with in the long term. The gel-coat surface resists limescale build up and is easy to clean.

Installation of our shower cubicles is designed to be simplicity itself. And because there is no tiling involved fitting the unit is a very quick process. No plastering is required so it is clean and easy. The tray is completely self supporting, no need for mortar. There is an optional leg pack for raising the tray up to allow access to pipework underneath.

There are a range of colours available and designs suitable for corner or alcove applications. You can choose your own shower doors or fit ones from our complimentary range. We have shower valves available or you can choose one of your own specification if you prefer.

We have a range of styles, colours and sizes so there is something to suit all bathrooms – click here to find out more

Leak-Free Shower Cubicles – Perfect For Commercial Use

Landlords and house builders are slowly coming around to the realisation that installing a stand shower cubicle is a liability in the long run. Far too high a proportion of tiled cubicles cause leaks – not necessarily because of faulty installation but because the combination of cubicle and tiles has it’s limitations when installed in a modern house with wooden floors.

Our cubicles are rapidly growing in popularity in this sector as they are a “fit and forget solution”. 

The initial cost may seem a lot higher than a standard shower cubicle although by the time you add in plastering, tiling and grouting, and the fact that there will be no call-backs, they start to look very attractive.