Panelling Range

bathroom wall panels4 1 - Panelling Range

If you are thinking of using panels in your bathroom then the images here  will give you some idea of the range of styles and designs that are available.


Whether you are looking for something neutral and understated or something a bit more dramatic there are panels to suit every type of design.

It is best to stick to light colours in a small bathroom. If you want to use a darker colour to make a visual impact then consider a feature wall.

With a feature wall you keep most of the wall surfaces one colour (usually a light, neutral one) and then  introduce a darker or more vibrant design on one wall or just in one area. A typical application for this would be inside a shower cubicle.

Whatever you decide, installing bathroom panels will always be a great long-term option as they require no maintenance. This is because there is no grout. Just a smooth, wipe-over surface that will look good for years.


Marble Effect Bathroom Wall Panels

Probably still the most popular design, marble has always found favour with those looking for a touch of luxury in their bathroom.

By emulating the look of natural marble, bathroom panels bring that luxurious appeal  into the 21st century. Modern materials and printing techniques ensure the look of the panel is consistent with the real thing. But there is need to seal or treat the surface.

And being a printed finish there are options such a blue which would not be something that occurs in nature but looks great in a bathroom setting.

vicenza beige7 800 - Panelling Range

vicenza grey marble2 - Panelling Range

vicenza grey cladding3 - Panelling Range

vicenza black marble - Panelling Range

Sparkle Effect Bathroom Wall Panels

Add a little sparkle to your life!

These sparkle effect panels have metal flakes under the lacquered surface that catch the light as you move through the room. They are very attractive and are a popular choice for those looking for something a little different.

There are black and white version available so you can use them as a feature wall (as described above) if you want to vary the look of the different walls.



sparkle effect 3 - Panelling Range



vicenza black sparkle cladding - Panelling Range



neptune white sparkle2 - Panelling Range



shower panel sparkle effect - Panelling Range



Tile Effect Bathroom Wall Panels

People love the look of tiles. It is something that they are used to and something they would expect to see in a bathroom.

But tiles have their problems – mainly due to the grout used to fill the gaps between the tiles.

Luckily there are now panels available that look exactly like tiles but do not use grout. So here is no scrubbing, no bleaching, no re-grouting.



modern decor graphite large tile - Panelling Range



florentine grey tile effect4 800 - Panelling Range



mosaic grey2 - Panelling Range



mosaic beige2 - Panelling Range