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Featured Products: Bathroom Panels

Durable and easy to clean, panel products such as bathroom cladding have grown massively in popularity. They provide an attractive and stylish alternative to bathroom tiles. While many householders persist with tiling a growing number are not happy at the levels of maintenance required to keep the grout in pristine condition.


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Bathroom Cladding

If you are looking for a bathroom tiling alternative then cladding is the perfect solution. It is light and easy to work with and can be installed straight over your existing tiles making the whole process quick and clean:




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Bathroom Wall Panels

If you are looking for a modern alternative to tiles then this is the product for you. It is very easy to install and is available in a huge range of designs, colours and sizes. They are totally waterproof and require no maintenance.




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Ceiling Panels

Bathroom ceilings struggle with moisture resulting in flaking paint or mould spots developing. You can eliminate the problem instantly and prevent the need for any ongoing maintenance by fitting ceiling panels in your home:




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Shower Wall Panels

Tiles can be a real problem in the shower – grout can turn mouldy and be real hard work to keep clean. Poorly applied grout can also lead to leaks so avoid all of the problems by fitting shower wall panels instead:




Most cladding is made from PVC and slots together to provide a totally waterproof surface – so it is ideal for use as shower wall panels. Their wipe-over surface also makes them suitable for use as kitchen wall panels.

Being light and easy to install means they are also suitable for use as ceiling panels and once installed there is no painting, varnishing or scrubbing, just a clean, bright & long-lasting ceiling.

There are decorative trims available to help ensure a trouble-free installation.


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New On The Bathroom Marquee

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Here are a few of the latest additions to The Bathroom Marquee.


sheep toilet roll holder

Quirky Bathroom Products

The internet has loads of different, quirky products for the bathroom.

We rounded up our favourites in this article which includes mats, towels, and storage solutions to hep make the most of your bathroom.




Eaton Light Ash Panel

Bath Panels

The bath panel is actually quite an important part of your room’s decoration.

So take some time to choose wisely and use our helpful guide t see exactly what is available and what suits your design.




Bath Shower Screens

Bath shower screens have many advantages over a curtain.

But there are straight screens, curved ones, hinged screens and folding screens. So which one works best?




leak free shower cubicle

Shower Pods

Shower cubicles can be troublesome if they are not installed perfectly.

But shower pods are designed to be 100% waterproof every time, eliminating the common problems.




Electric shower

Electric Showers

If you are thinking of buying an electric shower then make sure you read our guide first.

These efficient, easy-to-use showers might be the perfect choice for your home.




bathroom flooring

Bathroom Flooring

There are many different types of flooring but not all of them are suitable for use in a bathroom environment.

We have details on all of the most popular flooring options and rate them for suitability in bathrooms.




L-shaped shower curtail rail

Shower Curtain Rails

There are so many different shapes and sizes it can be difficult to choose. Rods, rails, L-shaped, bendy rails etc etc.

We have plenty of  advice to help you get it right with this guide:




quadrant shower tray

Shower Cubicles

There are so many shapes, sizes, materials, styles available. But which works best for you?

This guide takes into account your room size and budget to help you make the right choice for you.




small bathroom vanity unit

Vanity Units

Vanity units not only look good – they offer many advantages over a traditional basin & pedestal.

This guide will walk you through the options to make the most of your bathroom




rope toilet roll holder

Toilet Roll Holders

There are some quite unique products on the market these days all designed to store, display and dispense toilet rolls

We’ve rounded up the best of them in this article:




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