Ceiling Panels Above A Shower

It is fair to say that showers throw out a lot of steam and moisture into the air and as a consequence bathrooms are very susceptible to mould. Ceramic wall tiles are notorious for attracting mould which grows in the grout but other surfaces in the room can also be affected. The ceilings above a shower area are a case in point as here the surface can be affected by deflected spray as well steam. If the surface is even slightly porous them moisture can get trapped and it is this that allows mould to take root. You can spray the surface with an anti-mould solution but these are not always effective – especially if the moisture has got behind the front surface (into the plaster-board for example).

So what do you do?

Well, we have a very straightforward solution: fit ceiling panels.

In one move, you will eradicate mould, prevent mould from every taking root, negate the need to paint and re-paint the ceiling. It’s a no-brainer really!

The panels are simplicity itself to install and can go up over your existing ceiling covering. The photo above is from one of our customers who has done just that. They have a shower in their bath and have fitted our panels to the bathroom ceiling. You can see that the shower head is relatively close to the ceiling (which is usually the case when the shower is installed over a bath) which would mean that traditional finishes such as Artex, painted plaster or timber would get a battering from the water and would struggle to cope with the conditions. With the panels in place you can just fit them and forget about them – job done.

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