Ceiling Panel Designs

House owners have quite varied tastes when it comes to decoration. Some opt for muted and subtle designs while others prefer a bold and challenging look, so when looking at ceiling panels the same rules apply – some customers choose to make a feature of their ceiling whereas others will just want a plain look that doesn’t jump out at you. We have a wide range of ceiling panel designs that will meet your requirements whichever route you take. All of our panelling products will offer a range of benefits over traditional ceiling coverings.

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White Ceiling Panels

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Chrome Strip Ceiling Panels

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Wood Effect Ceiling Panels

Which Ceiling Panel Designs Work Best?

There is no right and wrong answer here. It depends if you either want to make a feature of the ceiling or have fade into the background.

If you are just looking for a modern alternative to a plastered ceiling then our plain white panels fit the bill exactly. We have several plain white ceiling panels in our inventory in both matt finish and high gloss including longer length panels for larger ceilings. If you would like something slightly more eye-catching you can add chrome strips to make a feature of your ceiling or choose our White Chrome panels that have the strip already built-in. If a traditional look is more to your taste we have a range of different wood effect panels that look terrific on ceilings or for something completely different our marble panels add another dimension. Click any of the images above to find out more.

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