Beige Bathroom Wall Panels

We are not the most adventurous when it comes to colour choice in this country. Grey is the most popular colour chosen by our customers but beige bathroom wall panels come a close second. Beige and grey. You might be forgiven for thinking that these are boring choices but there are very good reasons for their popularity.

Size Is Everything

Most British bathrooms are not very big. Consequently colour choices have to be made at the very light end of the spectrum. Grey is the most neutral colour (if it is a colour at all) whist beige offer a little bit of warmth and a more natural feel. So beige bathroom wall panels are chosen quite often out of necessity. All this is starting to sound too negative which it shouldn’t because many of the beige designs are incredibly attractive.

Beige Panel Options

The beige panels within our range vary considerably in tone, hue and pattern. Spaceline Beige is probably our most popular beige panel and this only has a hint of beige which is great for providing a subtle, neutral design. Firenze offers a slightly more definite colour and is a little warmer in tone. Orion Pompey has more of a stone effect rather than marble and we also have a tile effect and mosaic panels.

Of all the bathroom wall panel colours, beige is probably the warmest in tone so if this is the effect you are after beige is the one to opt for.