Bathroom Cladding Explained

Our video “Bathroom Cladding Explained” is ideal if you are unfamiliar with this type of product. It can prove a little confusing because it is a relatively new product, especially when compared to long established coverings like tiles. So here is a little more information to help explain what bathroom cladding is, what it does and where it can be fitted. You can also view our video by clicking the link on the left which will give you more information on bathroom cladding.

Bathroom cladding is a modern wall panel system. It is usually made from upvc and is tongue and grooved so that each panel slots into the next. It is light, easy to cut and easy to install and being made from plastic it is totally waterproof.

Wall and Ceiling Cladding

One advantage that cladding has over other coverings is that it can be used on both walls and ceilings. Usually a lighter (or white) panel is used for the ceiling while a decorative cladding with a more definite colour is applied to the walls but they are both essentially the same product.

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Plastic Cladding

Our “bathroom cladding explained” video shows several of the materials used to manufacture the panels , with plastic (PVC) being the most common material. Other materials are used such as acrylic, laminated plywood, laminated MDF and even timber but these are usually referred to using different terms such as bathroom wall panels, tile panels etc.

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Internal Cladding

Cladding is an ideal product to use in bathroom because of its waterproof nature but its maintenance-free qualities make it a perfect wall covering for other rooms around the home as well. Any internal room will benefit from its good looks and easy-to-live-with practicality. It is not designed to be used outdoors.

Internal Cladding

Replacement Cladding

If you are looking to undertake a bathroom makeover very often you will be looking for a replacement for your tiles. Cladding is the ideal product for such projects as it can be installed over existing tiles so the work can be completed quickly, cleanly and with a minimum of disruption.

Replacement Cladding