Grey Bathroom Wall Panels

Grey bathroom wall panels are popular. Really popular. Together with our white panels they make up the majority of our sales.There are many reason for this.

The biggest advantage of selecting one of the light grey panels in our range is that they give you a blank canvas which enables you to add in any other colour you like without fear of any of the colours clashing. We would usually advise that you add strong hues into the room where these panels are installed otherwise it can look a little devoid of colour.

Even though they are neutral in colour one must still be aware that not all greys will blend in with one another. Surprisingly some greys can clash with each other. This is due the presence of small amounts of other colours in the hue and it is these that can cause the issue.

Grey Is The New Black

At least as far as panels are concerned, anyway. Due to their popularity there are quite a few grey coloured bathroom wall panels available. We have selected some of the panelling most frequently purchased by our customers. Click on any of the photos below to see more information about the panels.

Grey is the ideal choice of bathroom wall panel colour if you want to keep the design neutral and change the fell of the room from time to time with the addition of stronger coloured rugs, blinds and towels.