Ceiling Panel Prices

white panels fitted to bathroom ceiling


If you are in the market for a new ceiling for your bathroom then you might well have had a look at ceiling panels.

Ceiling panel prices seem to vary quite a bit, so what are the reasons behind these variations.

There are several explainations.


PVC Gauge

This is not the overall thickness of the panel but the gauge of the PVC within the panel. The thicker the gauge the more raw material is required to form the panel. This extra material has to be paid for somewhere and will usually be reflected in the price of the panel.

But sometimes the PVC can be bulked out with cheaper materials such as chalk. This will make the panel stiffer but can also mean that it is more brittle.

The perfect panel should be stiff enough that it does not flex unnecessarily but not so stiff that it is brittle. It is always worth obtaining some samples of the panels before purchase so you can see first-hand what they are like.


Country Of Origin

PVC panels were initially made in Europe but, along with many other products, manufacturers have sprung up in the Far East.

The cost of production in these areas can be dramatically cheaper than elsewhere and this will be reflected in the price of the products from those countries. The panels have to be transported halfway around the world but even so, they can still end up being the cheapest option.



This might sound obvious but the overall quality of the product can affect the price. It is quite difficult to truly determine which ceiling panels are the best quality because they all look very similar. Deficiencies will only usually make themselves known after a period of time, further complicating the selection process.

Try and find products that have been comprehensively reviewed and tested or speak with other people via DIY forums to try and determine which makes to opt for and which ones to avoid.

Low-quality panels are less of an issue when used on ceilings than they would be on walls. They tend not to get bashed, are not exposed to running water and are not subjected to sunlight.

These are the reasons why ceiling panel prices can vary so much.  You need to keep an eye on the quality of the product you intend to buy as price isn’t always an accurate indicator.