Ceiling Panel Prices

We have several budget ranges of ceiling panels in our inventory but even though these panels are relatively cheap –


Ligno is a wood effect panel available in 4 attractive colours with a textured matt finish. This versatile ceiling panel can also be used on walls and even be fitted inside showers.

A high gloss white ceiling panel with a built-in chrome highlight strip. If you are looking to make a feature of your ceiling at a low cost then these are the perfect choice

If you just want a plain and simple finish for your ceiling then Blanca panels are ideal. They offer all of the benefits of a modern panelling system – nothing to paint, easy to install, wipe-over surface.

We appreciate that customers need to be cautious with their money when undertaking home improvements but we also know that the very cheapest products do not always equate with the best value. There are many “cheap and nasty” panels coming on to the market that we would not be happy selling to our customers. We have spent a long time building our reputation and would not jeopardise this by selling inferior quality products – visit our testimonials page to see exactly what our customers think and see their results for yourself in our customer gallery. We would have no hesitation in recommending ANY of our ceiling panels , including all those in our budget range.