Innovative Bathroom Products

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Not all bathrooms are as spacious as the one in the photo above. So it is no wonder there are so many products on the market designed to help keep things neat and tidy.

We have rounded up a host of products that will help in the battle to avoid clutter and also make life a bit easier. Also listed are some innovative bathroom tech together with some fun and quirky designs to brighten up your bathroom.

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Bath Panel With Storage Access

bath panel with access

Many bathrooms suffer from a lack of space – and a lack of storage. This clever design helps provide some useable extra storage by utilising the hidden space under the bath.

This is the perfect way to hide away all of your cleaning products without taking up valuable space in the rest of the room.

The panel has a sliding section that allows access to the underside of the bath. There is also a matching end panel available.





Under-Sink Cabinet

under-sink cabinet

Vanity units offer some very useable extra storage in the bathroom – perfect for hiding away soaps, shampoos and cleaning products.

But if your DIY skills aren’t up to removing your old sink and fitting a vanity unit you could always opt for one of these under-sink cabinets.

They simply slot into place with no plumbing and no fuss.





Cobblestone Bath Mat

cobblestone bath mat

These bath mats have an embossed design that is really eye-catching.

They are made from memory foam so are highly absorbent and offer a non-slip surface.

The mats are easy to clean and come in a variety of different colours to suit your bathroom.




3D Mosaic Tile Stickers

mosaic tile stickers

These 3D mosaic tile stickers are perfect for adding some visual interest to a plain wall.

Many bathrooms have plain white tiles but now you can highlight certain areas and give them a huge lift with these attractive stickers. Perfect for use as a splashback around a basin.




Waterproof Shower Speaker

shower speaker

This could be the product for you if you like to belt out a good tune while having a shower.

The speaker is 100% waterproof and also rechargeable – you should get around 12 hours of continuous playback from a single charge. It has a small compact design and even has a suction cup to enable it to be placed exactly where you want it in your shower.




A Bathroom Mirror That’s Also A TV

bathroom TV

When is a mirror not a mirror? When it’s a TV!

This mirror has a built-in TV system that is designed to cope with the steamy conditions of the bathroom. If you have Netflix, Prime Video, Apple TV Disney+ then these can be accessed together with Freeview. There’s a remote control to enable you to soak in luxury watching your favourite programs from your bathtub.





Cat Design Hand Towel

cat hand towel

These put a smile on our faces when we first saw them – hand towels in the shape of animals!

They are very absorbent and come with a hanging loop so they won’t take up any surface space in your bathroom.

The cat design is one option but there are other animals available too including ducks and sheep.





Sheep Toilet Roll Holder

sheep toilet roll holder

Make a display of your toilet rolls!

These sheep-design loo roll holders are free-standing so there’s nothing to fix. They hold 7 rolls and are a great way of freeing up other cupboard space in your bathroom.

They are a fun and practical addition to any bathroom.





Shower Caddy – No Drilling

Drilling through tiles is no easy task. You will need an electric drill and a very steady hand. Even the, it is all too easy to crack a tile. Turning the hammer action off can help as will using a piece of tape to ensure the drill tip does not slip on the tile surface.

Or, you could use fixtures that require no drilling at all, like this useful caddy.

This uses adhesive to hold the unit in place so there is no need to drill. It is great for storing away bottles and lotions as well as washcloths. There is also the option to fix the unit with screws if you are happy to opt for drilling through your tiles.





Keep Your Grout In Tip-Top Condition

grout brushes


Grout has a nasty habit of turning mouldy. The problem can usually be traced back to the installation rather than your cleaning regime. But it still looks unsightly nonetheless. So what do you do?

Well, scrubbing the grout will certainly help. And these brushes offer a range of different shapes and sizes. Perfect for getting into all those awkward nooks and crannies.

They are ergonomically designed to ensure they remain comfortable when in use and will make quick work of getting your grout back to its best.