Ceiling Panel Infill Trims

Labo (shown above) and Blanca panels fit together with a flush fit joint which results in a plain white ceiling. This is the most popular choice with our customers but these panels can also be used with the optional extra of a separate Infill Highlight Strip. This fits in between the panels to break up the solid colour and provide visual interest. The strips are made from plastic with a chrome surface giving a mirror-effect surface and are available in silver or gold effect  – click any of the images below to see the strips in more detail:

As can be seen in photo, the Infill Strip clips around the edge of the tongue and groove joint and are attached during the ceiling panel installation. This makes life a lot easier when working overhead.

As well as ceiling panels, our Infill Strips can also be used on panels fitted to walls. Infill Strips should not be used on walls in wet areas, such as around baths or shower cubicles, as the addition of the strip means that the joint is no longer waterproof.

Infill strips are ideal for use with the Blanca and Labo ranges but can also be used with some other panels in the Decos range:


They are not suitable for use with Vicenza panels.