Mosaic Effect Bathroom Wall Panels

If you want a unique design for your makeover then look no further than our mosaic effect bathroom wall panels.

Mosaics have been used for ages to provide a decorative touch but the ceramic versions require a lot of preparation in order for the completed work to look perfect.

Our wall panels are much easier to install than ceramic mosaic tiles. For ceramic tiles the walls have to be very flat and even otherwise the grout lines in the mosaic will emphasise any problems and detract from the finished work. When installed with adhesive our panels are pushed back against the wall to find their own level, making fitting them a very straightforward process.

Our Panels Are Easy To Live With

Grout can always be a problem area in a bathroom and ceramic mosaic tiles have almost as much grout as tiles! Mould has a nasty habit of establishing a foothold in grout and once it starts it is very difficult to eradicate. There is no grout used with our panels – just a clean, wipe-over surface. This makes our mosaic effect bathroom wall panels maintenance-free and and explains their popularity with our customers. They are also totally waterproof which cannot always be said of ceramic tiles.

Use Mosaic As A Feature Wall Or Fit Around The Whole Room

Opinion varies with our customers as to how much of the bathroom to finish in the mosaic effect so it really boils down to personal taste. The main options taken when considering your bathroom wall panel design are:

  • all the walls in the bathroom covered with mosaic panels
  • one feature wall covered with mosaic
  • the over-bath area finished with mosaic
  • mosaic panels fitted inside the shower cubicle only

Where mosaic tile effect panels are limited to a smaller area, the rest of the room can be decorated with a more traditional wall covering (such as painted plaster) or wall panels with a different pattern but complimentary colour (Mosaic Beige Sand with Firenze Beige for example). Check with the sales office for details of panels that work well with each other and that can be joined together if necessary.

We would recommend panelling as much of the bathroom walls as possible (obviously!) as this will give you the maximum benefit from our panels: no grout; no mould; no maintenance. The more panels you fit the greater the benefit – you can even use our panels on bathroom ceilings.

mosaic blue3 - Mosaic Effect Bathroom Wall Panels
mosaic beige3 - Mosaic Effect Bathroom Wall Panels
mosaic grey - Mosaic Effect Bathroom Wall Panels