Alternatives To Bathroom Tiles

When decorating or renovating a bathroom many people will instantly turn to tiles as the first choice as a wall covering. Tiles have been used for thousands of years but they do have several shortcomings which is why our range of modern, waterproof bathroom wall panels have proved to be so popular.

Our waterproof wall panels will totally transform your room. They look good from day one and remain looking good for years to come. They are easy to install and can be fitted over your existing tiles to provide a resilient, waterproof surface.

tile alternative



The grout between tiles can be slightly porous and retains moisture which will allow mould to grow but because our panels have no grout, there is nowhere to harbour moisture and consequently nowhere for it to take root.

The following images amply demonstrate what can happen to bathroom tiles when grout starts to deteriorate. The transformation in the room after the panels have been fitted is quite striking.

The panels are even available in a tile effect pattern so those looking for a tiled bathroom have the perfect alternative. We also have panels with a mosaic effect.

We have a large range of colours, designs and finishes and all of our bathroom panels are suitable for use in showers as they are totally waterproof –

Bathroom Tiles – Still A Popular Choice For Walls

When decorating their bathrooms householders still find tiles a popular option. There are many cheap designs on the market and it is what people are used to seeing on bathroom walls. For many tradesmen it is their automatic solution to covering the walls of a shower.

But things are slowly changing.

The last twenty years has seen a huge rise in sales of bathroom wall panels. People are looking for an alternative to bathroom tiles that will not require maintenance. Grout has a nasty habit of loosing its appeal once it starts to turn mould so something better is required. And that is where wall panels fit the bill.




Floor Tiles – One Of Many Solutions


Flooring is not dominated by tiles in the same way that bathroom walls are. Vinyl, laminate and even carpet are all common floor coverings in bathrooms as well as floor tiles.

One of the reasons for this is that it is difficult to get a long term fix on wooden floor boards. Upstairs floors in UK homes are predominantly made from timber joists and floorboards. These move slightly under stress – something that tiles do not cope well with at all.

There are special backing boards, adhesives and grouts available to work around the problems but these are expensive in the face of cheaper alternative bathroom flooring.