Mosaic Wall Tiles For Bathrooms

Mosaic Wall Tiles For Bathrooms

Mosaic wall tiles have been around for thousands of years and provide an attractive wall covering but being such a traditional product they do have some drawbacks. Our bathroom panels provide a modern alternative to mosaic wall tiles for bathrooms .

mosaic wall tiles for bahrooms

Most mosaic wall tiles consist of small pieces of ceramic tiles stuck onto a backing sheet. The sheet of little tiles is then cemented onto the wall and grouted. This process can be quite tricky as the walls need to be very flat or the grout lines will follow every slight curve or hollow and show up any imperfections.

Tile grout can itself be a problem as this can be very difficult to keep clean and can harbour mould. The formulation and application of the grout is critical or it may not even prove to be waterproof on the finished wall.

An easier and more modern solution is to use mosaic tile effect waterproof wall panels in your bathroom. These are extremely easy to install and give the impression of mosaic without any of the drawbacks making them ideal for use in showers and bathrooms.

See our Product Range page for our complete range of bathroom wall panels including the Mosaic range from Decos. All of them are suitable for use as an alternative to bathroom tiles. As can be seen from the image above the panels offer an attractive alternative to mosaic wall tiles and can be installed quickly and easily.

Mosaic Blue Tile Effect
Mosaic Beige
Mosaic Grey Panels