Tile Gallery

Tile Gallery

Our tile gallery is not designed to promote the use of tiles. In fact, it is designed to do the exact opposite.

By showing some examples of what can happen to bathrooms and shower rooms when tiles (or more specifically grout) fail.

Tile designs drift in and out of fashion so what was once cutting edge can quickly become outdated. The great benefit of our bathroom wall panels is that they can be installed over your existing tiles. So, if you just want to freshen up your bathroom without too much disruption then they are perfect.

An Example For Our Tile Gallery From One Of Our Customers

Mr Cave had a bathroom that was tiled and was in serious need of updating. The tiles were quite dated and the grout was in need of raking out and re-applying (not much fun if you’ve ever tried it!). He still liked the look of a tiled bathroom but wanted to avoid the issues he had with his old wall covering – the solution was one of our tile effect panels.

Even though he went for a Victorian style suite the panels did not look out of place in this bathroom design and the finished job was pretty impressive. The panels that he used were from the Grosfillex range that we used to stock but these have been superseded by Decos panels – Florentine Beige would be the nearest equivalent.