Wall Panel Tile Effects

Florentine Tile Effect Panels have a tile effect printed onto the surface. The tile pattern consists of two oblong tiles offset vertically by half a tile to each other.

When the panels are slotted together this produces an offset pattern. The manufacturing process does not allow the horizontal grout line to repeat in exactly the same position on each panel, so please note that if you wish every other horizontal grout line to line up with each other (as in the following diagram) you will need to cut the panel at the top and the bottom to achieve this. This can cause problems if your walls are quite high (i.e. nearly the full length of the panel, 2.7m) as you might end up with quite a bit of wastage.

An easier method is to fit the panels in a more random pattern where every other horizontal grout line does not line up – as per the diagram below. The effect is very similar to the above method but makes installation a bit less complicated with less wastage.

The white grout line of Florentine panels is not as pronounced as on real bathroom tiles so you have to look closely to see any real difference between the two options on the wall when fitted.