Bathroom Panels

Bathroom Wall Panels


What are bathroom panels ? The most straightforward explanation is that they are the main component of a wall covering system designed to be used in the wet and humid conditions found in bathrooms. Most bathroom panels fall into one of two main categories: one PVC based and one plywood/MDF based. Both systems slot together using a tongue and groove joint and both offer many advantages over traditional coverings such as tiles.

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PVC Panels

PVC panels are growing in popularity for 3 very good reasons:

  1. They are extremely easy to cut and work with
  2. Plastic panels are 100% waterproof and will not rot or warp
  3. The panels are considerably cheaper than their plywood counterparts

A large increase in the designs available has accompanied their growth in sales. This includes designs that emulate the look of tiles. People have grown very used to the look of tiles. And that is what they see when they look at glossy magazines that display perfect bathrooms in idyllic settings.

So by making PVC panels that look just like tiles the manufacturers have tapped into a much bigger market. Prior to tile-effect panels being available, the only option would be to have real tiling in the room.

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Plywood Based Panels

This style of panel has been around for many years and predates the PVC versions by some margin. They are a tried and tested method for covering walls that have always been used quite extensively in commercial settings.

The panels are made from a plywood or MDF core which then has a laminate layer bonded onto the front surface. There is usually another non-decorative laminate sheet bonded onto the rear of the panel. This is to balance the panel and ensure it does not warp when it experiences temperature variations. Wood and laminate expand at different rates so the panels could start to curve if not balanced out.

Some of these panels have a tongue and grooved edge and some don’t. Those with the T&G edges can be joined together to cover large areas without the need for a jointing strip.

The laminate surface is hard-wearing and is second only to tiles in terms of resilience. The PVC panels are not as sturdy and will not take as much punishment.

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Marble Effect Bathroom Panel

This is the most popular type of bathroom panel finish. The marble effect is available in several different colours, from dramatic natural shades of the Decos Orion range to the very subtle marble effect of Vicenza  Grey Marble. Black marble panels are proving increasingly popular especially when used in just one area of the room, such as inside
a shower cubicle, to provide a contrast to any lighter colours in the rest of the room. Whatever you are looking for you can be sure the Bathroom Marquee will have a panel to suit.

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Wood Effect Bathroom Panel

Another popular bathroom panel finish is woodgrain. Again, there are several different colours and patterns to choose from including White Ash in the Decos Belmont range which gives a very subtle whitewashed plank effect. This panel is equally at home on walls or ceilings. There are also panels which can provide a realistic wood effect if you are trying to capture a more natural look.

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Mosaic Effect Bathroom Panel

Mosaic tiles can look stunning when used as part of a bathroom makeover but our mosaic effect panels can give the same look without any of the drawbacks. Our panels use no grout – one of the main drawbacks of these types of tiles – and as a consequence, there is little or no maintenance associated with them. Mosaic panels can be used around the whole room or used as a feature wall in one part of the bathroom, such as around the bath or inside a cubicle.

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Bathroom Ceiling Panel

The beauty of bathroom panel systems is that you do not have to limit yourself to fitting them to the walls. You can fit them to ceilings as well.

White or very light colours tend to work best but it is possible to fit all panels on the bathroom ceiling with the exception of large shower panels. These are a little too heavy for this application.

Some of the panels can be used in conjunction with Silver Highlight Strips to make a feature of the ceiling. Quite a few panels are available in longer lengths enabling all but the very largest room to be spanned with a single panel. In the unlikely event that these are not long enough it is always possible to fit the panels across the room if it has a shorter span.

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