Wood Effect Bathroom Wall Panels

Usually you would shy away from using wood in a bathroom as it can suffer due to the adverse conditions. But our wood effect bathroom wall panels are not affected by condensation, steam, or water so they thrive in this environment.

If you are looking to create a tongue and groove effect “look” but don’t want the hassle of varnishing and trying to keep wood mould-free then our wood effect bathroom wall panels will be the ideal choice.

Wood does tend to suffer in bathrooms. To protect wood varnish or lacquer needs to be applied. But the expansion and contraction causes cracks and splits to occur over time. This then allows moisture to get under the coating and then it is downhill from there. Cladding, bath panels, toilet seats and accessories are regularly still made from timber based materials and they all struggle in the long term.

What Are The Options?

There are several different sizes, patterns and joint types to choose from. Our wood effect panels are ideal for use on walls and ceilings and can even be used in shower cubicles – something not really achievable with timber panels.

The great benefit of our pvc panels is that they require no maintenance. They are easy to fit and look good for years after their initial installation.

Traditional timber wood cladding can end up looking a bit worse for wear after a few years service as moisture and condensation takes its toll on the panel surface.