PVC Bathroom Wall Panels

Of all the materials bathroom panel can be made from our first choice would be PVC as in our opinion it provides the best combination of  practicalityease of installationvalue for money and is the material that we specialise in.



Of the four main types of wall panel available (laminate/mdf, laminate/foam, acrylic tile panel and PVC panels) these would be our first choice and are the panels that we specialise in at the The Bathroom Marquee.

The panels have a reinforced hollow construction which results in a panel that is light but relatively robust. The panels are tongue and grooved on the sides enabling them to be joined together to cover large areas. One of the most popular sizes has a width of 250mm enabling the panels to be fitted inside an existing shower cubicle with ease without the need to remove the enclosure.

The panels are easy to install and are quite forgiving when it comes to the underlying surface. If your wall is currently tiled you can install the panels over the top of the tiles without the need to remove them.

There is a huge range of colours, styles and patterns available with something to suit most bathrooms. The image above shows a mosaic effect panel which has proved to be hugely popular with our customers over the years, but there are also marble effects, woodgrain and plain panels available.

Bathroom Wall Panel Materials

Laminated Bathroom Wall Panels

Acrylic Tile Panels