Wall And Ceiling Cladding

All of our products are suitable for use as wall and ceiling cladding. The only exception is our Neptune heavy duty range (these could be used on ceilings but would would be tricky to fit due to their weight).

Being waterproof, they are also ideal for use in shower cubicles. So you do not have to install separate products for different parts of your bathroom. You would usually select a slightly different version to differentiate between the wall and ceiling. But this is purely down to your own taste as the panels are at home on both types of surface.

The following images show the same product, in this case Labo Ultra White high gloss panels, used in both situations.

When used on the wall Labo cladding looks clean and bright, providing a smooth, almost continuous surface as seen in this shower area over over a bath. If you are choosing this panel for your walls we would recommend that you introduce some extra colour into the room by way of blinds, rugs, flooring, towels etc otherwise it can end up looking a little too sterile. We have a large choice of wall and ceiling cladding so there should be something to suit all tastes in our range.

The More Wall And Ceiling Cladding You Fit The Better

Well we would say that wouldn’t we!

But it is a fact that that the more of this stuff that you fit the less work you will make for yourself in the long run. If you fit cladding to the walls but ignore the ceiling then all you are doing is storing up problems for the future as there will definitely be maintenance issues in the long run. And the same applies if you clad the ceiling but opt for something else on the walls. Oh, and don’t forget floors – we have maintenance-free flooring available as well.

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