Walk-In Cubicle

Although many people are looking for an alternative to bathroom wall tiles they are not keen on straying away from the familiar look of a tiled wall. Our Mineral Beige Tile Marble is ideal in this instance as it provides the waterproof surface necessary in a shower area but is also designed to replicate the appearance of butt-jointed ceramic tiles – so you get the look of tiles but with all of the advantages of modern panels.

The shower used in this installation uses a walk-in design so there are no moving parts to the cubicle itself – you simply walk in between the two curved glass shower barriers. The curved barriers prevent spray from escaping and provide a reasonably large showering area together with a drying area. The drying area has a wooden duck- board to aid drainage and ensure feet stay dry and there is also a towel rail built into the outside of the glass barrier. A walk-in shower like this provides the feel of a wet-room at a fraction of the cost.

The room has several period-style features and the bathroom components have gold effect taps and fittings, so there is an electric shower inside the shower cubicle feeding a slider rail kit in a gold effect finish. This particular cubicle is mostly frameless in design but there are some metal components which in this instance have a white finish (you can see a vertical post to the right of the slider rail and also a curved stabilising bracket at the top of the photo). This ties-in with the shower tray colour – a chrome effect (polished silver) would not have matched the rest of the bathroom components.

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