Shower Cubicle Gallery

The following shower cubicle gallery shows installations of our wall panelling.

Whether you have a quadrant, corner or alcove cubicle our panels are the perfect choice. You can choose to constrain their use to inside the enclosure or you can go all-out and clad the whole room.

The panels are ideal as they are totally waterproof, easy to fit and because there is no grout, very easy to clean.

Cubicles are one of the most straightforward ways of adding a shower toa room and used in conjunction with our shower wall panels they provide a smart, durable and waterproof solution to what can be a problem area in many homes.

shower cladding splash-back

cladding in a shower cubicle

gallery shower panels

Neptune Black Sparkle Shower Panels

Eliminate Common Problems With Shower Cubicles

There are two main problems that people experience with shower cubicles.

Firstly is grout. It is a nightmare to keep clean and once it starts to look dirty it becomes a never ending battle to restore it to a pristine condition. Grout discolouration is a cosmetic problem But a more issue problem occurs when it fails completely. This leads us to the second problem – leaks.

Leaking shower cubicles are a major problem and a lot more common than people realise. We know because we speak to people all the time who have leaking showers. And grout is a main cause of leaks in showers.

The following photos in our shower cubicle gallery illustrate a simple, cost effect and good looking solution. Shower wall panels. They have been provided by our customers who have used them as part of heir makeovers. There are many more example to view in our customer gallery.

shower wall panel range

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