Replacement Cladding

If you have previously installed ceramic wall tiles and have found them a nightmare to keep clean then you are probably looking for an alternative and our replacement cladding is the perfect choice.

The grout between tiles can get very grubby after a while as the cold tiles attract condensation, which keeps the grout moist and ripe for mould spores to form. Once this gets hold, it is very difficult to eradicate and usually requires the grout be raked out.

Thinking of completely redecorating? Then you should also consider replacement cladding. Not only will this eradicate your grout problem in one fell swoop (no grout is required between the panels) but it can also be installed over existing tiles. This means that installation is quick, clean and easy as can be seen in the following image:

If you are considering installing cladding in your bathroom , there are one or two issues that need to be addressed before embarking on this course of action, mostly due to the fact that the panels are around 8-10mm thick

  • make sure the existing tiles are still fixed solidly to the wall
  • clean the tiles to remove soap/grime to aid adhesion
  • ensure clearance behind basin or bath taps
  • recessed shower vales will need at least 10mm of “play” in the supply pipes
  • shower enclosures need to be removed and replaced allowing for the extra thickness (make sure this doesn’t exceed the shower tray dimensions)
  • architraves and other mouldings need to be able to cope with the thickness

If these issues do not present a problem then you should be able to proceed – if in doubt call our sales office on 029 2056 0949

What Can Replacement Cladding Be Used For?

As well as tiles, replacement cladding is the perfect substitute for a wide variety of wall coverings including wallpaper, timber, texturing compound, painted plaster or wall boards. In many instances it can be fitted over these substrates with little or no preparation.

For this reason it is ideal for use all around the home. Kitchens and utility rooms are a favoured location for our gloss finish cladding as well as cloakrooms. Matt finish panels are preferred in living areas, especially our wood grain effect panels.