PVC Cladding

The Bathroom Marquee has a large range of top quality cladding in available in dozens of different designs. We have panels that emulate marble, cladding that looks like wood and panelling with tile effects.

Previously, cladding in bathrooms was traditionally made from tongue and groove timber. Although this looks attractive it can require a lot of looking after and is also unsuitable for use in wet areas. Changes in temperature and the high levels of moisture in the air associated with bathrooms could lead to cracking, splitting and even rotting in extreme cases but our panels will not experience any of these problems as, being made from upvc, they are impervious to moisture and are not affected by normal bathroom conditions.

The introduction of upvc cladding has totally transformed this particular aspect of bathroom design as this type of wall panelling can be used throughout the bathroom – it can even be installed inside shower cubicles.

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