Plastic Cladding

Although not a natural product, plastic cladding provides realistic looking surfaces for bathroom walls in much the same way as ceramic tiles do (which is also not a natural product). Plastic is used extensively for other products in the bathroom. Baths, bath panels, toilet seats and basins are all regularly made from plastic so cladding is just another product that can be made from this material. And this material lends itself for use in moist and humid conditions and consequently does not deteriorate.

A question we are regularly asked to explain about our cladding is “Does it look like plastic?” Well, in our opinion, no it doesn’t. Most of the panels that we sell have some pattern on them as part of their design and so this is what you see – the pattern rather than the material. Many of our panels have a marble finish and the printed effects are quite realistic so the first word you think of when seeing the panels in situ is “marble” rather than “plastic”. Obviously opinions can vary but we have sold this type of panelling for over 20 years and have thousands of satisfied customers who think the same – it looks great!

Our cladding’s plastic construction offers some major benefits over more traditional wall coverings such as tiles:

Our website is full of examples of the different effects you can achieve with bathroom cladding :

The Benefits Of Plastic Cladding

As well as marble effect panels we also have cladding with tile effects, mosaic effect and woodgrain effects – all of them made from plastic and all of them totally waterproof. They also have the added benefit of requiring little in the way of preparation when it comes to installation and are very easy to live with and can be used in any internal room in the home.

  • virtually maintenance free
  • inhibits condensation forming on it
  • wipe clean surface
  • easy to install
  • hardly any preparation required
  • looks good for years

One criticism of plastic cladding is that it is not a natural product. This is true. But neither are a whole host of other wall coverings. Many decorating products that are used to decorate walls imitate other materials:

  • ceramic tiles with a marble effect pattern
  • wallpaper that looks like ceramic tiles
  • laminate flooring that looks like natural stone

and our cladding systems use the same basic principle – but with plastic cladding you end up with an attractive finish that is also totally waterproof.