Decos Panel Range

The Decos panel range is being phased out as the UK importers have decided to switch to alternative manufacturers.

Decos were initially a Belgian company that made a wide range of panels that were used for both walls and ceilings. They were not suitable for use on floors.

Most, but not all, of the range have equivalents with the new manufacturers.

Decos Spaceline

 Decos  Equivalent
 Spaceline  Vicenza
 Firenze  Vicenza
 Ligno  Woodlands
 Florentine  Filo
 Mosaic  Decor
 Labo  Vicenza White
 Belmont  Vicenza Whiteline

panels bathroom walls

The table above shows some approximate equivalents but these are not exact matches and cannot be used to join on to existing Decos panels. Many of the new designs are a great improvement on the panels they are replacing. That is not to say that Decos had some lovely patterns that have proved to be extremely popular with our customers. We have been selling them for 15 years and will miss many of their designs.

If you have any queries in trying to match your panels with previous Decos designs just give us a ring and we will do our best to help.