Mosaic Effect Bathroom Cladding

Mosaic effect bathroom cladding tends to get used in one of two ways. Sometimes it is installed around the whole room and other times it is used to highlight certain areas of the room. A typical area would be inside a shower enclosure or over a bath where an attractive, waterproof covering is required. The first image below left shows an installation where it has be used inside a shower bath.

Another option is to limit the mosaic to one area and use a lighter, less delineated decorative cladding around the rest of the room. Mosaic could be kept to just inside the cubicle and a marble effect cladding used around the rest of the bathroom. This works well as the overall design is not too over-powering while all of the coverings remain easy to maintain.

Unlike its ceramic counterparts mosaic effect bathroom cladding is a joy to live with. Tile grout is a nightmare to keep clean and mosaic tiles have a lot more grout than standard tiles so the problem is exacerbated. Our panels have a smooth, printed finish so it you just wipe it over with a soft damp cloth – no fuss, no mess and no grout.

Mosaic Effect Bathroom Cladding Or Ceramic Tiles

To a certain degree this is a question of taste but in our opinion the cladding wins hands down – for several reasons.

Firstly, if you are using mosaic tiles then your walls will need to be near perfect – any imperfections will show through in the grout lines. Older properties with wonky walls are particularly vulnerable to this so unless the walls are flat, true and even we would always recommend that you opt for mosaic effect bathroom cladding.

Secondly, it is easy to install. There is no plastering required as it will go up over anything and still look amazing. In short it is the perfect wall covering.

mosaic effect bathroom cladding