Shower Curtains

A shower curtain is the most common form of barrier used when you have an over-bath shower fitted in your bathroom. They are a cheap and cheerful way of utilising a shower over a bath but they do have some drawbacks – the main drawback being that they are always visible, even when not in use and as such can be a bit obtrusive.

Replacement Shower Curtains

We no longer sell replacement shower curtains – sorry.

Ringless Shower Curtain

In an attempt to try and modernise the appearance of the shower curtain designers have turned their attention to the way the curtain fixes to the shower pole and tried to come up with a neater solution. Rather than utilising rings that attach to the small eyelets in the curtain itself there are large openings that fit directly over the curtain pole. This does provide a slightly neater appearance but shower curtains are inherently bulky so it is only a partial solution to improving the overall look.

Shower Curtain Idea

Shower curtains can be a bit drab and unexciting so many people have come up with shower curtain designs that catch the eye and improve on the standard, white, one-size-fits-all design. Shower screens have also risen in popularity as more and more people try to find an alternative to boring old shower curtains.

It is also possible to get custom shower curtain made from a photograph which gives you endless possibilities!

Shower Curtain Rod

A shower curtain needs to run along a rod or rail. Your choice will depend upon the look you are trying to achieve and also the layout of the walls around your bath. A shower curtain rod usually requires a wall at either end of the bath. The rod is then fixed into brackets on each wall or in some cases the rod is spring-loaded and relies on outward pressure
to lock it in place.

Shower curtain rails are available in different shapes including L-shape which enables the curtain to run around 2 sides of the bath with a support at the corner. There are some shower curtain rods that can be fitted in an L-shape but they put a great deal of tension on the brackets as it is not possible to fit a support at the corner.

When siting the shower curtain rod make sure that there is enough drop on the shower curtain to reach well below the rim of the bath, otherwise the curtain can pull over the rim too easily and water can escape. Remember that shower curtains hang down from curtain rings so this can give you an extra inch or two (unless you are using a ringless shower curtain).

Designer Shower Curtain

If you are attempting to make your bathroom look as good as possible you will spend time choosing the bath, taps, tiles and flooring to try and achieve the “look” you are after. Having a shower over your bath will mean you have to decide if you are going to use a shower screen or designer shower curtain in an attempt to make the finished room match your expectations.

Making a shower curtain that looks good is a difficult task but many manufacturers go to great lengths to try and improve their appearance. Designers are used to try and come up with original combinations of pattern, style and colour that result is a stylish alternative to the competition. This is a tricky task as a shower curtain is a utility item that is permanently on display. Many designer shower curtains now employ a ringless design as the overall look is a lot neater than can be achieved with shower curtain rings.

If you are looking to buy a ringless shower curtain and your shower curtain rod is already installed, make sure there is sufficient drop on the curtain to hang down inside your bath as you will be losing a little length by not using shower
curtain rings.