Wood Effect Ceiling Panels

Wooden panels have long been used for cladding ceilings but using this traditional material in a bathroom has always been a problem. Wood struggles to cope with the moist conditions and needs to be varnished or painted for protection. This is then liable to flake or crack over time as the wood expands and contracts. The following photo demonstrates this perfectly.

grey ash ceiling - Wood Effect Ceiling Panels
white ash ceiling panel - Wood Effect Ceiling Panels
ligno beige ceiling - Wood Effect Ceiling Panels

The wooden tongue and groove ceiling has been painted but moisture has worked its way into the timber which has made it swell – you can see the joints are starting to open up between the panels. The paint starts to flake allowing in more moisture and accelerating the process. By using our ceiling panels you will avoid this happening as our panels require no painting and will look good for years with no maintenance.

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