Wood Effect Bathroom Cladding

Although it has been used as cladding in the past wood has always been a product that suffers under the moist conditions typical of most bathrooms and as a consequence problems have occurred and people have moved away from its use. Our wood effect bathroom cladding is a perfect substitute being both decorative  and practical. It provides the look of wood but does not display any of the shortcoming that timber products typically produce.

Wood based products are sealed with paint or varnish when used in bathrooms otherwise they start to absorb moisture from the air which. This will lead to mould appearing. Expansion and contraction can cause the varnish to crack and allow moisture in. Once this happens it will start to flake off and will require sanding back and re-applying. With our cladding there are none of these problems: no varnishing, no painting, no sanding just a good looking surface that will need no maintenance throughout its lifespan.

Our wood effect bathroom cladding is very often used on ceilings which is where timber based solutions were once the norm. It can be used in conjunction with one of our other effects to minimise future maintenance for example a wood effect could be used on the ceiling while a sparkle effect cladding used on the walls. Remember, the more cladding you fit the less maintenance you will have in the long run.

An Example Of Wood Effect Bathroom Cladding

This photo was supplied by one of our customers who used our Grey Ash wall panels to refurbish their bathroom. They included this fabulous “His’n’Hers” vanity unit. They also installed a room-wide mirror behind the basins  to provide a sense of space.


wood effect bathroom cladding example

The cladding itself is pretty neutral in colour which is ideal as this avoids it clashing with the wood vanity unit. They have used their own wooden moulding to top off the panels although one of our white trims could also have do the job.