White Ceiling Panels

white ceiling panels

The Bathroom Marquee sells a lot of panelling and one of our biggest sellers is white ceiling panels. White ceilings help to make a room feel light and airy so it is no wonder that it is the most popular colour choice. We have found the same to be the case with regard to our ceiling panel designs – white is by far the most common choice. As a consequence, we have a wide range of different options including different shades of white. We also have various lengths and the choice of matt or white finishes.

vicenza ultra white ceiling
Whiteline Ceiling Panels
Labo Ultra White Ceiling
Blanca Classic White Bathroom Ceiling

matt white ceiling panels

Matt White Ceiling Panels

Most designer homes opt for the minimalist look when it comes to decoration. Plain white walls and matt white ceilings are used everywhere. This finish is achieved using a painted plaster finish which works well for most rooms in the house but in bathrooms and shower rooms it can be affected by the typical moist humid conditions found there. Our Blanca matt white ceiling panels are the perfect solution – they provide the flat, white minimalist look but they are unaffected by moisture so will remain looking pristine for years and years. There are a range of sizes up to 6.0m long enabling them to be used in all but the very largest of rooms.

gloss white ceiling panels

Gloss White Ceiling Panels

The choice between a gloss or matt panel for your ceiling is really just one of personal taste. Gloss panels tend to catch the eye a little more and therefore make a feature of the ceiling whereas most matt installations tend to just look like a plastered finish. We have several gloss finish panels that are extremely popular with our customers as they love the easy wipe over surface that means they will never have to paint or varnish again. Both Blanca and Labo are available with an infill strip that can be used to produce a chrome strip effect.