Wall Panels – Wood Effect

Wood panelling conjures brings up images of stately homes and large, lavish rooms. But there are modern wall panels with a wood effect that have a much more modern appeal.

Although not the most common wall covering, wood cladding does get used from time to time in bathrooms. Usually it is fitted to the ceiling but it can also be applied to walls. Timber cladding suffers, like many other traditional products, from the high levels of humidity and moisture found in bathrooms.

There are, however, wall panel designs that are totally unaffected by water. Condensation, humidity, steam and even shower spray will have no affect on these panels.

If your heart is set on the look of wood in your bathroom you need to consider opting for this type of panelling.

There is nothing to varnish. Nothing needs painting, sanding or sealing. Just measure, cut, stick and go – no further maintenance required.

They are made from PVC so they are totally waterproof. A tongue and groove system runs down the edge of each panel. They then slot together to give you a waterproof surface. Silicone sealant can be applied inside the groove to make sure each joint is 100% waterproof.  This sealant will not be visible once the job is complete because it will be inside the joint

This type of panelling can even be used inside showers and above baths. They look beautiful and stay that way for years.

Design Ideas

Wood effect panels  can be installed on their own or in conjunction with any other panels.

Fitting  panels around the main part of the room and marble effect panels in the shower is a common option in bathrooms.

Another design calls on the panels to be fitted to the lower half of the walls. The upper half can then be painted or can be fitted with a contrasting panel.

There are many different designs from various manufacturers such as marble effect and sparkle effect wall panels. And they all provide the same, easy to live with surfaces that people appreciate in the long run.


Use Panels Around The Whole Home

Panels do not have to be restricted to just the bathroom. There are many other rooms around the home that can benefit from their unique properties.

The main problem is that the majority of designs are glossy or marble in appearance. These work well in bathroom and kitchens but are no so appropriate in other rooms.

Wood effect panels do not have this shortcoming and can be used to great effect. Living rooms, bedrooms and dining  rooms are obvious candidates. The following phots show how effective they can be.



wood effect panels in a living room

allure birch wall panels

What About Ceilings?

Yes, ceilings are another area where these wood effect panels excel.

Wooden panels are a common sight on ceilings this was one of the standard applications for real wooden cladding. These modern panels have the advantage of offering the same appeal but with nothing to varnish or maintain.

They are easy to install and perfect for use in any room. See our ceiling panel page for more information.




White Ash Ceiling Panel




Grey Ash Ceiling Panel