Wall Panels – Tile Effect

Tiles have always been a popular choice for use on bathroom walls. Hard wearing, attractive and practical they are the first choice for many customers when looking to re-decorate. But as lives have become more and more busy the main downside of tiles, namely the grout being difficult to keep clean, has resulted in customers looking for a more modern alternative to tiles.

Our panelling is available in several designs that incorporate a tile effect into the wall panel design. This results in customers getting the look of tiles, which is something many desire, but without any of the issues surrounding their use. There is no grout so there is nothing to turn mouldy – no scrubbing, raking, bleaching or re-grouting required,  just a wipe over with a soft cloth – EASY!

Mosaic tile effect panels are also included in our range as can be seen in the image above. Used for effect in a highlight area or even around the whole room these are a very effective method of covering walls without the miles and miles of grout to keep clean that ceramic mosaic tiles suffer from. Other designs in our range include sparkle effect panels and wood effect wall panels.