Wall Panels – Sparkle Effect

This is a very recent addition to our inventory and what a welcome addition it is. Previously, sparkle effect panels were only available at the top end of the laminate panel market – and were priced accordingly. Recently, however, they have been made available at much more realistic price levels and as a consequence sales are rocketing!

Small metal flakes are sealed in beneath the lacquered surface to produce a shimmering effect that is extremely eye-catching. These really are one of our most stunning wall panel designs. At the moment these sparkle effect wall panels are available in our Neptune and Vicenza ranges.

Vicenza are smaller 250mm wide panels that slot together to provide a waterproof surface. Neptune are a much wider panel – 1 metre wide to be precise. They are also made from a much heavier gauge PVC and although not actually solid, are very robust indeed. Other panels in the Neptune range include marble effect wall panels and a plain white, all in a high gloss finish.