Wall Panels – Marble Effect

When wall panels first appeared on the market in the UK they were nearly all given a marble effect design. The most popular design for tiles, both then and now, was marble so it made sense to make panels with the same finish. Initially there were only a few dsigns to choose from but now we have dozens of options with colours ranging from the very light and airy to the very dark and dramatic

Orion Carrara Wall Panels

Colour choice has also increased with many panels available in a range of hues. Grey is still the most utilised colour but beige is a close second and since black marble panels were introduced in recent years we have seen sales of these grow year on year. Black panels are especially effective when used to highlight a particular area – for example fitting a light coloured marble effect panel around most of the walls but opting for a black wall panel design inside the shower cubicle.

Some manufacturers then introduced tile effect wall panels which took the basic marble design and added in grout line to give the appearance of bathroom tiles. Again these can be used in conjunction with a marble design or used around the whole room depending on the look you are trying to achieve.