Wall Cladding – The Modern Alternative To Tiles

When it comes to decorating your bathroom there has always been a bit of dilemma between which product to choose to achieve the effect you require: tiles look nice but require the wall to be flat and even; tiles require a fair amount of skill to obtain satisfactory results; other finishes such as paint or wallpaper tend to struggle in the humid conditions present if bathrooms and pine cladding requires a bit too much maintenance. Bathroom cladding is easy to install over existing coverings and, being waterproof, is ideal for use in bathrooms, showers and kitchens.

Bathroom Wall Cladding

The most common application for cladding. Its ease of installation makes it very popular with installers and its long lasting good looks makes it extremely popular with homeowners. Add in the fact that it is quite a reasonably priced product and you realise why so many more people are rejecting tiles and opting for cladding.

Bathroom Wall Cladding

Shower Wall Cladding

A tough environment for any wall covering, showers really tests any product to the limit. Our cladding is totally waterproof and perfectly suited to this demanding area.

shower wall cladding

Kitchen Wall Cladding

With a wipe-over, hygienic surface cladding is a product that really lends itself for use on kitchen walls. No grout means there is no mould, cladding does everything you need for a wall covering in this area..

kitchen cladding

Cladding can be stuck directly to the wall surface without the need for battens (providing the walls are reasonably level) making installation extremely easy and a task well within the capabilities of the average DIYer or handyman/handywoman.

The existing coverings on each wall can also determine which type of covering you opt for. Some walls might be tiled, some might be painted, some might have both finishes. Our wall cladding can be installed directly over your existing coverings making installation extremely easy – see our installation pages for more information. It can also be used as ceiling cladding.